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Architecture, Engineering and Construction Services

AEC Services

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Fulfillment Services

BtoB Copy & Office Services provides a wide range of reprographic services especially for architects, engineers and contractors. From software files or originals, we can produce your documents on a wide variety of output media and sizes, delivering to you flexibility and cost control.


AEC Services Include:
  • Large-format colour and black & white digital printing
  • Scanning of colour or black and white copies
  • Small-format black and white copying and digital output
  • Document Conversion
  • Archiving

Construction Printing Services – Blueprints

Our high-speed digital “blueprint” printing service makes every print a crisp, high quality original, printed directly from your digital files. We can print up to 36″ wide by any manageable length onto a variety of media. In addition, we can take your original plans and blueprints and scan them to file for on demand document reproduction. Whether it is high volume set printing or a simple enlargement or reduction we can handle your job.

Our Plotting Service offers both black & white and colour plotting up to 36″ wide. We can output your design files onto a variety of media including standard bond, presentation bond, vellum or mylar. Multiple file types accepted including native design files. With our high speed colour plotters, no job is too big to handle.

We can scan your documents up to 36″, in colour or black and white. We scan to multiple file types including PDF, TIF and JPEG.

Your files can emailed or be archived to CD and flash drive.

Large Format B&W and Colour Printing — Posters, Colour Renderings, Signage

We utilize state-of-the-art high volume printers. Duplicate your originals up to 36” wide by any reasonable length. Ratios from 25% to 400% of the original are available to meet your reduction and enlargement needs. Media options include 20lb bond, vellum, and mylar. Edge binding and screw posting are available.