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Do you need something scanned to a digital file? We can help.

We have high quality scanning equipment that will generate PDF or TIF files from your original documents.


Scanning Quality and Security

Document scanning can be an invaluable tool for document management, digital archiving and for reducing the paper volume for companies of all sizes. At BtoB Copy & Office Services we employ the most advanced document imaging techniques and equipment in converting paper documents to stable and secure electronic formats.

Black & White Scanning

We offer scanning for black and white originals or blueprints up to 36″ wide using a KIPP 2300 scanner. Scan to print or scan for file storage. Save files to TIF, PDF, and other formats. Store files in our Secure Digital Archive for future reprints, burn them to CD/DVD, or copy them to a USB memory stick.

Colour Scanning

With wide format colour scanning you can easily have originals up to 36” wide by 3mm thick converted into a digital file. In addition, our KIPP 2300 scanner can quickly turn your detailed colour drawings and CAD mark ups into digital files:

  • Scan resolution is 1200 x 600dpi
  • Scan to File (TIF, JPG, & PDF)
  • 11” x 17” Reflective High Resolution Scanning

Note: Hand-drawn originals, plotted vellums and existing black lines can be scanned to file or printed directly to create top quality bond sets using KIPP 7700 technology. Reduced and half-size sets, up to 36” wide, are now a snap to print.


At your convenience our archiving system is designed to make your life easier. Simply drop into our location with virtually any type of original document, from… Large format drawings, architectural plans, maps, posters, manuals, booklets and art.

Burn to CD/DVD or Print. Upon your request by phone, email or online at dominionblue.com we will retrieve your files and either burn to CD/DVD or print only the quantity you require. Note, there is a small retrieval fee, and we never charge for storage no matter how large your files.

We custom quote large archival jobs.