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FAQ and File Guidelines


FAQ and File Guidelines

Construction Documents

Please provide us with either hard copies or PDFs of original drawings and specifications.

When submitting digital files for specs, we recommend the following printing preparations:

  • Drawings – Please supply digital file to scale.
  • Specs – Verify that every page in your set is either 8.5 x 11” or 11 x 17” (or call us to discuss custom sizing).
  • Convert all documents to PDF. This ensures that your document will print the way it appears on the screen.
  • View the PDFs before sending them to us to confirm that no unwanted changes have occurred during the conversion process.

File Sharing

Share Files Quickly & Safely with Our FTP Site

We also accept file uploads and imports from Dropbox.

Using our FTP Service

Upload Your Files Here

Our file uploader will accept individual image files, or zipped archives. All other file types will be rejected. Call or email us if you have any problems.

Ensuring Successful Uploads

  • DO Zip large files before you send them. This can dramatically reduce the time it takes to transfer files.
  • DO Zip multiple files in to a single archive before you send them.
  • DON’T include anything except letters, numbers, periods, and underscores in your filenames.
  • DO be patient. A 5 MB file usually takes about 5 minutes to transfer over a regular Cable or DSL connection. The bigger the file, the longer it will take.

Until you see a green “OK”, your file upload has not finished. It may take a long time, so do not navigate away from the page or click stop in your browser unless you want to cancel your file transfer.